Fluid Sensing & Control System Analysis & Troubleshooting

Expert Evaluation & Problem Solving

Sentrol Life Sciences is an expert in the evaluation and problem solving of challenges faced in the design of pressure and flow control systems for the Life Sciences markets. BPE compatible control valves, pressure regulators, steam traps, flowmeters, tubing, tubing connectors and similar components are second nature to us.

*Do you need assistance with bioprocess pressure and flow sensor or control systems?
*How to deliver the steady flow and constant pressure of process gasses.
* What is the correct installation of steam traps for condensate removal?
* How to set up a tank blanketing system.
* When and where do I need a sanitary rupture disc for pressure relief?
* Can I use a backpressure regulator to maintain constant flow for TFF?

We proudly distribute the following BPE compliant sanitary brands & products:

Ashcroft – Pressure gauges, transmitters, and thermometers.
Donaldson – Process filters for compressed air & gasses, steam, and liquids.
Equilibar – Sanitary backpressure regulators and pulsation dampeners.
Flow Technology – Flowmeters.
Fike – Sanitary rupture discs.
Pyromation – Thermocouples, RTDs, and sensors.
Steriflow Valve – Pressure regulators, control valves, diaphragm valves, & steam traps.
RubberFab – Seals, gaskets, hoses, and fittings.
Setra – Pressure sensors, transducers, environmental monitors, humidity.
Steel & O’Brien – Sanitary fittings, clamps, and tubing.

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