Mk 96 Sanitary Pressure Regulator – 96-100-6L/AHAAATYACJLAA00


1″ Sanitary Pressure Regulator, ASME BPE Triclamp Ends, 316L Body, 20Ra Interior Finish, 40Ra Exterior Finish, 4.5 Cv with Hard Seat, Teflon Encaps. Viton O-Ring, Jorlon Diaphragm, 5-25 PSI output range

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The Mark 96 operates by sensing pressure under the diaphragm on the downstream side of the seat. As the downstream pressure approaches the set point, the force caused by the pressure acting on the diaphragm overcomes the force of the range spring, and the plug begins to move up toward closed. This reduces the downstream pressure and maintains the set point. If the pressure underneath the diaphragm begins to fall, the spring forces the plug to move down towards open, to allow the set point to be maintained.