MK60 Pressure Regulator – 60-100-S6/PTS6W728JLED


Like the majority of Jordan Valves, the Mark 60 Series Pressure Regulator part # 60-100-S6/PTS6W728JLED features the advanced sliding gate seat technology pioneered by Jordan Valve.   Using the Jordan Valve sliding gate seat technology, the Mark 60 pressure regulators have the signature straight-through flow, short-stroke that is 1/3 of a globe-style valve, quiet operation and tight Class IV shutoff.

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The Jordan Valve Mark 60 has high rangebility and extremely accurate regulation.  The proprietary Jorcote seat material is extremely hard (@RC85) with a low coefficient of friction that delivers outstanding performance. *316 stainless steel; *316SS trim; *316/Jorcote seats; *1″ NPT ends; * 5-20 PSI range; *Jorlon diaphragm; *Cv=6.4.