Overpressure is the maximum pressure value that a pressure transducer, a device that measures pressure levels, can handle without affecting its performance or accuracy. Overpressure is often confused with burst pressure, which is the maximum pressure that the system or transducer can handle without being physically damaged. Overpressure and burst pressure are both major concerns for companies operating in the biopharma, pharmaceutical, healthcare, research & development, and other life science markets. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the concept of overpressure and offer some tips on how you can prevent it in your application!

What Causes Overpressure?

Overpressure can be caused by a number of different things, including faulty pressure regulators, changes in temperature, process synchronization, a sudden stoppage or reduction of a fluid flow, and more. Overpressure can occur in various systems within a facility, including valves, pumps, regulators, piping, and more.

How To Prevent Overpressure

Any overpressure event, even one that lasts mere milliseconds, can irreparably damage pressure sensors and other equipment in your facility. For this reason, it’s important that you do everything you can to prevent overpressure from ever occurring! The best way to prevent overpressure is to use a pressure transducer that can handle the maximum possible overpressure in a given system. The design of the transducer can also prevent overpressure events, with safeguards that can be added like mechanical stops and pressure reliefs. If you’re having problems with overpressure events in your application, Sentrol Life Science’s team of licensed & experienced engineers can help! Contact us today to learn about our on-site system services!

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